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Th e RCC Week I y 

Issue 34 
November 2, 2012 

Cal I f or pr oposal s 

You are invited to consider submitting a proposal for 
the 2013 Teaching, Learning Student Development 
Conference, which will be held on Friday, April 5th at 
Middlesex Community College, 
Lowell. This year's theme is: 
Community Colleges: 

Preparing Socially Responsible 
Learners and Leaders. 

If you have a an innovative curricular or co-curricular 
practice, program or initiatives that you would like to 
share with other community college colleagues from 
across Massachusetts, please consider the following 

Track 1: Social Responsibility 

This track will present curriculum, programs and 
activities aimed at engaging students in their local 
and global communities and a focus on social 
change. Sample topics include service learning 
projects and programs; internship, externship, and 
experiential learning opportunities within the 
curriculum; international programs, social and 
restorative justice work in and out of the classroom, 
efforts to engage students in active citizenship, 
conduct protocol as it relates to education, 
community standards, and civility, and co-curricular 
activities designed to increase students' levels of 
social awareness and participation. 

Track 2: Democratic and Inclusive Pedagogies 

This track will showcase pedagogies and programs 
seeking to make higher education more inclusive 
and engaging for all students. Sample topics may be 
inclusive teaching strategies aimed at specific 
populations, such as Universal Design, best practices 
for including student voice in administration and 
policy decisions, curricular and engagement 

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A ^0^^^^M Faculty staff and 

J^fcj W H partners of RCC 

JP^H^J^^ H recently presented at 

mrwiuHrrrrtJiiKimusTiEs the 43 Association of 
Community College 
Trustees - ACCT Leadership Congress on Friday October 
^2th^ 2012 at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston, MA. 

The Association consists of trustees, board members and 
other leaders of community colleges who work together 
to continue the momentum of leveraging student success 
through partnerships, innovation, and evidence. 

RCC contributed to this effort by presenting a session on 
collaborations with local high schools, colleges and other 
educational entities. The session, entitled "Building 
Bridges to College Success," presented information on 
several of RCC's strategic alliances with the Boston Public 
Schools, College Board and area colleges. Our professional 
development workshops include textual evidence, vertical 
team subject alignment and targeted college readiness 
programs that are designed to improve student 
recruitment, retention and graduation rates. The 
presenters were: Sterling Giles - Professor of ESOL and 
Student Success, Colleen Spence - Director of Testing, 
Jennie Thrash - CTE Coordinator, and John Zinkowski - 
School to Career Coordinator, Dorchester Academy (BPS). 
Sterling Giles presented on "Getting Granular with 
Teachers to Address Readiness Issues." The presentation 
highlighted work completed at two workshops that 

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Pictured (I to r): Jennie Tlirasli, Colleen Spence, John 
Zinkowski (BPS), Sterling Giles 

The RCC Weekly 

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Honor s socia 

The Honors Social was held on Tuesday, 
October 30th. It was a very special event, 
largely due to Mark Lawrence's rich 
discussion of the art that both engaged and 
entertained the audience! Both students and 
^^ faculty commented that "we should be doing 

this more often" and, hopefully, we can 
respond by creating student-led tours of the 
art on campus. 

Your feedback on the event would be appreciated so that 
we can build upon what we've done at future Honors 
activities. Please direct any comments to Rhonda Gray at 

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activities recognizing the importance 
of multiple world views, and student 
learning outcomes that focus on 
participation in a public democracy, 
in both curricular and co-curricular 

Track 3: Developing Leaders 

Sessions offered in this track will 
highlight effective programs and 
activities that place students in 
leadership roles on campus and 
within the community. Sample topics 
include leadership development 




theory and practice, peer mentoring 
and supplemental instruction 
programs, conduits for student 
leadership, such as particular 
experiences or curriculum, as well as 
programs that promote student 
leaders within specific academic 

If you are interested in advancing 
our community college work in any 
of the three tracks and want to share 
your expertise with colleagues 
please visit the TLSD 2013 
conference website to submit your 
proposal today! The deadline is 
December 13, 2012. 

The RCC Weekly 

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Tit I e III Col I oquium 

How to best shape and bend to bridge the gap between the ideal and the real RCC student? 

Presenter: Professor Quentin James 
Date: Tuesday, Nov. 6, 1:30-2:30PM 
Location: 3-207Q 

"Who are RCC students? How do their experiences, learning platforms, and life objectives differ from the 
archetypal student? How much and in what way, should we alter the way in which we teach, tutor, and 
interact with them?" Please join Prof. James for this vital discussion. 

Quentin James teaches in the English Department at Roxbury Community College. He also serves as the 
evening Writing Center Associate. 

Fr om t h e 
Ar ch ives 

The RCC Archives has many 
photographs of unidentified 
individuals, including this 

photograph from a RCC 
Commencement that took place 
sometime in the 1990's. Can 
anyone identify the individuals in 
this photo? If so, please contact 
Autumn Haag, the Librarian 
Archivist at or 
ext. 5112. 

Commencement 1990s, Photo 16, c. 1990s, RCC 

Archives, A13 Audio-Visual Material, Box 18, 

Roxbury Community College 

# ^ 

Mar k Your 

Cal endar 

November 6: T3 Colloquium 


November 6: Election Day 

November 11: Veteran's Day 

November 29: Faculty 

Meeting with VP 


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ML^^^^P focused on the role of textual evidence 
^lljl^ B in student reading and writing. It 

^^ *' brought together community college 
faculty and high school teachers, with the purpose of 
helping community college faculty respond to young 
graduates by better understanding their prior educational 
experiences, and to help high school faculty better 
prepare students for college. 

Colleen Spence, Jennie Thrash and John Zinkowski 
presented "Getting the Right Fit - Improving College 
Readiness." The goals of this professional development 
workshop were to exchange best practices, identify 

common pedagogical topics, compare assessments (i.e. 
Accuplacer) used in high school and community colleges 
and develop a closer working alliance between secondary 
and post-secondary educators. 

Approximately forty people attended this early morning 
session. The RCC team was commended for nurturing 
dialogues across institutions. The team was also reminded 
that, while we often think we are doing little, in 
comparison with larger institutions, in truth, we are doing 
much more in substantive collaboration than most people 
in higher education. 

Visit the ACCT website at 

Items for "The Weekly" 

If you have something of interest that you would lil<e to share with the college community, 
please submit it (by Wednesday afternoon) to Jacqueline Lynch at